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With Apple, It's All About Me

In the wake of this week's revelations about Path's great address book faux-pas, there have been a lot of calls for Apple to do a better job protecting the user's address book. Admittedly, one has to wonder why programmatic access to the address book isn't guarded the same way that Twitter accounts or the user's current location is. I'm going go out on a conspiratorial limb by saying that the absence of such a safe-guard belies a more prevalent attitude baked into the design of most Apple products and services. Read More

Meaningless Meechu Metrics

Just for kicks I thought I'd total up some metrics for Meechu. Anyone in software who worth a damn, knows that nearly all software metrics are to be viewed with great suspicion, especially when freed from any meaningful context. That said, here's how it all fell out: Read More

Tools of 2011

Since it's nearly the end of the year, it's a good time to review some of my favorite developer tools from this year. Some of these aren't necessarily new, just new to me and my workflow. UPDATE December 28, 2011: not four hours after I posted this I smacked my forehead as I realized I forgot two essential tools. Read More


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